Review: Demon Diary Vol. #5

I am Yohaim Alexis Fernando Reinhardt Wyferon Versailles de Granvirias. You may call me ‘Granvirias’ for short.”

Where time stands still, where past and future collide.…where the sea of time has gathered, storing mysteries in the tide. There gather up in droplets, your wisdom as a rain. Everything I ask of you, I compel you to explain.”

I realized I forgot to include a quote last time, so here are two quotes for you.
So here we are at volume five (of seven) of Demon Diary, and things just went from interesting to weird. To recap, our heroes have convinced Demon Lord Krayon to skedaddle after it turns out that, yes, Eclipse is serious about being loyal to Raenef. Everybody’s happy, except Raenef, who decides to actually take some initiative and study to become a True Demon Lord (TM).

That’s when a book starts talking to him, offering to help him out with that, an offer that Raenef accepts, because why shouldn’t you listen to a talking book?

Long story short, his personality does a complete 180 and suddenly he’s acting just like a True Demon Lord (TM) should, that’s great, right?


My biggest problem with volume five, I think, is that I kept thinking of it as if it were an anime and not a manhwa. I imagined that if Demon Diary were ever adapted for rhe small screen, they could spend a whole episode on Raenef’s personality flip alone, and it would be awesome.

Instead, it’s cleared up in about the first fifty pages or so, and that’s when the plot becomes trippy.

Remember that lecture on magic in one of the omake chapters in #4 that I totally passed over? Yeah, turns out its important. Suffice it to say that we finally learn why the fuck Raenef IV keeps popping up when he’s supposed to be, well, dead. Simply put, it involves curses, True Names, and time travel, lots and lots of time travel.

It’s kind of complicated, basically it involves a curse to wipe the name of Raenef (demons are so attached to their names that their power transfers to a human born with that name upon the demon lord’s death) from existence. It involves time travel, fragmented personalities, and eventual madness and death for Raenef, in the time it takes for the magic to find a different heir, it will fade away and the Raenef line will basically cease to exist.

It sounds like a very complicated way to off a demon, but whatever, we’ll go with it.

So, #5 basically sets up an epic battle between Chris and Raenef (V, the ditzy one) because….Raenef IV told him to do it….for some reason….I guess we’ll find out in #6.

So, basically what this volume amounts to is one interesting plotline that was wasted and a second much screwier plotline that still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Luckily, the art is still great, and there’s a bit more subtext (this time between Raenef IV and Eclipse). Overall though, it’s not as great as it could have been.

The epic battle between Clerical-Ego-in-Overdrive and New-and-Improved-Less-Ditzy-Raenef seems promising, though.



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