Review: Demon Diary Vol. 6

“The greatest gift that a servant gives his master is his trust. I pledged my life. If necessary, I will give it.”

As I predicted, volume six of Demon Diary basically amounts to a series of fights, first between Raenef V and Chris, and then between Raenef IV, Raenef V, and Eclipse, while Clerical-Ego-in-Overdrive tries to figure out where he left his “Demon Lord Exorcism” incantation and Erutis is trapped in a bubble.

Yes, seriously, she’s literally stuck in a bubble the whole fight.

This is what happens when you’re basically a muggle with a cool sword going up against magic-wielding demons of immense power. (Actually, I’m kind of wondering what she was thinking, angling to kill a demon lord in volume one if she didn’t stand a chance all along, but whatevs, she’s stuck in a bubble).

So, yeah, that’s basically the entire plot of #6.

Oh, and there’s this….

Aw, look, they really do love each other! Eclipse isn’t being an asshole!
I know you really can’t see it, but it’s basically Eclipse affirming that Raenef V is still his boss and then the quote above.

All squee aside, I have this thing for when a character grasps another character’s chin like that. I have no idea why, it’s just sweet (or TERRIFYING, depending on the context).

One thing I will say about this series as a whole is that I’m finding it really easy to follow what’s going on in the action sequences. I don’t read a lot of manga/manhwa/graphic novels/comic books/whatever the heck we’re calling them these days, and I often find action scenes a little confusing, partially because I still can’t seem to follow the panels, but also because there’s a lot going on, usually. Demon Diary’s scenes “flow” nicely, so much so that I can easily picture the action in my head. (My head-anime is the closest I will ever get to an animated adaptation of Demon Diary.)

As usual, most of the comic relief in this volume comes from the blunderings of Chris, who can’t defeat Raenef even after turning on godmode (he forgets the proper invocation, but fortunately Rased is all like “k, he’s my Chosen, I should help him out”), but it really wouldn’t be Demon Diary without Chris acting like a brat.

And Erutis spends most of the volume stuck in a bubble, because Krayon asked Raenef IV to spare her and….yeah….bubble, which is, not gonna’ lie, disappointing. She does manage to shout encouragement (and common sense, which Chris desperately needs) from the sidelines, though.

So, in sum, volume six is kind of weird, it almost feels like the series could have ended at the end of it if they changed a couple lines on the last page, but for some reason there’s a seventh volume to tackle, and then you won’t have to ignore my reviews anymore, because they will actually be for books that are in print.

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