10 reasons I wear a veil

I do not personally veil, but here is a lovely post from someone who does. Ultimately, whether or not someone chooses to veil is between themselves and their deities.

Beloved in Light

There was a post in which the author challenged a person to give 10 reasons why she wears a veil, and not just because she was called to/told to by a god/dess. Being me, I couldn’t resist rising to the challenge. Of course this doesn’t mean that I think that anyone needs to justify why they do anything that they feel is honestly right for them, regardless if its has aesthetic, practical or spiritual reasoning behind it. When it comes right down to it, it is a woman’s personal choice and no one else’s business. However, because it amuses me to do so I am going to go ahead and put up that list *grin*
Disclaimer: I do not wear a full hijab, nor do I wear a scarf all the time. When I choose to wear a scarf it is usually in a more turban style or as a…

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