My Response to a Racist

(TW: Racism)

So this folkish Heathen (read: racist fuckwit) jumps into a discussion on white supremacy and Heathenry at The Cauldron, and, in addition to having a flag associated with the Nazis as their avatar, starts spewing shit like this:

“Okay say green people live to the left, blue people live to the right. They govern themselves and live by their own set of laws. They don’t try to screw each other over and they still trade with each other. They act friendly when they meet, they sometimes go to each others state or town to eat. Where is the racism?”

I could not resist writing a response to this. Here it is, in full:

Now I’m going to tell you how it works in the real world.
In the real world, a blue person falls in love with a green person, and they have beautiful turquoise babies together. Perhaps the parents decide to raise the children in one culture or another, but let’s say they try to teach their children aspects of both. Perhaps the children learn two different languages, or they have a traditional blue wedding and a traditional green funeral. Those children grow up and marry blue people or green people.

That is, of course, not taking into account the fact that blue people and/or green people travel all over the place, and perhaps, in their travels, they come across purple people, and then they’re like “I’d tap that,” and you end up with aubergine people. Eventually, all these people find themselves in the same place, and they say to themselves. “You know, we might be different colours, but underneath we’re all people,” and they all live together in Rainbow Land.

Meanwhile, the people who advocate for blue/green separatism and “purity” eventually all go insane from inbreeding. The End.

*takes a bow*

If you’re going to make stupid racist analogies, I can take them and run with them.

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14 thoughts on “My Response to a Racist

    • They did, here is the response:

      “I put the better of the people over love. An individuals love is important, but I would prefer to live without it if I felt it was for the worse of whole. I consider it selfish to put love over the world, so I suppose I can’t sympathize with that.

      Choosing I’d tap that over your nation is even more selfish than love. So they are free to go live in your rainbow land.

      The interbreeding bit is a joke. My family has lived in this area for over 100 years. No interbreeding with the other couple families in the area. I have checked for that actually. There are a few places where my 2 cousins married into the only family whose been here longer. If I married into their family tommorow I would share no common grandparents with them. People here know which families share blood relation to them so that doesn’t happen here. None that I have met anyways and I know the important families in the area.”

      Loving someone? Selfish.
      Fucking someone who isn’t a member of your small gene pool? EVEN MORE SELFISH!
      The rest is being butthurt over my inbreeding comment.

  1. I can’t even. Things like that get me so frakking pissed off I can’t even make a proper reply until the anger goes away and die in a corner. So, you see why I’m impressed everytime I see someone just kill it with their comeback answer. Kudos 😀

  2. Reblogged this on Sihathor's Open-Air Temple and commented:
    Wow. Just…Wow. Not sure how much of an issue racism is among Kemetics specifically (most of us don’t seem to be ethnically Egyptian, and so, in theory, should be unable indulge in stupid racist BS– but then again, I’ve been away from the community for a good while, so I could well be totally wrong.)
    Either way, as a “turquoise person”, I say of this post:
    “It is a matter a million times true!”

    • i have heard that Kemetic communities have issues with Afrocentrism (it’s kind of hard to be racist when your deities are, well, brown, traditionally worshiped by people who were themselves brown) but I haven’t really heard of the “you must have this much blood to enter” crowd having much influence in either Hellenic or Near Eastern polytheisms, I’m sure it exists. Plus there’s that whole Nazi thing….

      • The Mediterranean region has pretty much always been, to alter a quote from a stand-up routine I think was from Chris Rock, “where everyone [regardless of apparent phenotype] fucks until they’re the same colour” –which is a bit of comedic misinformation, since the way that the alleles work, interbreeding like that actually creates a wider variety of human appearances. That said, archaeogeneticists seem pretty certain that the current native population of Egypt reflects a population maintained for virtually thousands of years –there’s basically an all-over mix, but populations tend to be a little lighter to the north and darker to the south. There are a handful of mummies with their own hair still, one being a Ramses with silky caucasoid-type red hair. Ancient Egyptian genetics are certainly more complicated than merely a summary of “brown people”.

        As a Hellenist, I’ve got two words for my co-religionists who I have actually (on occasion) seen sum it up as “like Heathenry for ancient Greece geeks and without Nazis”:. Golden Dawn. No, not the occult group, but the modern Greek “Nazi Party”. In the early to mid 1980s, Golden Dawn entertained alliances with polytheist groups, but eventually decided to maintain a political distance but seem to remain casually tolerant. My experience with Hellenic Polytheists in modern Greece has been limited, but there’s a clear vocal (hopefully minority) contingent that’s strongly Nationalist to the point that some are clearly racist –an acquaintance of mine, from the States but mostly of Syrian ethnicity but a Hellenist nonetheless, was once seriously told by a couple of Greek Hellenists “go back to Allah”, but her parents were Catholic, so that racist insult made even less sense. I’ve also known Greek Hellenists who have made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that as far as they’re concerned, you can be of a Zimbabwe tribe or Incan or Japanese, but if you’re called to the gods of Hellas and the associated traditions, you’re a Hellene, that for them it’s more about informed acculturation than genetics.

        So, yeah, racism among Hellenists seems rare in the Anglosphere, but it’s an issue in Greece –I don’t really know how great the issue is, but there is a history of overlap between Hellenic Polytheism and Greek Nazism. Unfortunately, a lot of Hellenists in the States either are unaware of the racism issue among Greek Hellenists, OR if they’ve been made aware will turn a blind eye to it, because it practically never affects them.

      • Actually right now there is a BNP being a complete dick. She leads a fair sized community of Canaanite polytheists and is extremely anti-Semitic, anti-monotheist and especially anti-Jewish. She makes a lot of unfounded claims, calls a lot of names and is vicious and mean-spirited. I’ve also heard that Kemeticism and Near Eastern religions deal with a lot of cultural misappropriation and the inaccurate application of that accusation. I can’t give you a lot of specifics because I am largely a solitary Kemetic.

        I have heard a handful of stories of people, usually not Kemetics themselves, make bigoted comments. Ie, telling a white person that they can’t worship the gods of Egypt because they aren’t black (and the bigot themselves being white and non-Kemetic). Afrocentrism is the major bigotry issue from what I’ve seen in Kemeticism. We mainly get a lot of idiots with alien-everything theories, complete lack of sense and critical thinking skills and a desperate need to take an English class.

  3. Reblogged this on A Young Flemish Hellenist and commented:
    I have come across similar “folkish”-like mindsets in Hellenismos as well. But don’t let them deceive you, Hellenismos has nothing to do with your genetic/racial background. We can see this quite obviously in the Hellenstic period where the Hellenic culture, religion, and language, spread all over the place, from Magna Graecia in the west, till Bactria and India in the east.

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