My Own Version of a “Sponge Cake” Offering

Remember awhile back on tumblr how some people were going ballistic because someone decided to give Loki some sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries?

Here is what I’m offering Freyja:

1 strawberry that isn’t rotten (the rest of the strawberries are in various states of decay)

1 slice of whole wheat bread with Nutella

1 cinnamon bun I bought at Walmart

1 serving of unpasteurized cinnamon honey

1 Gerbera daisy (“Midi Dark Fireball”) I was wearing in my hair in place of a May crown–er, April crown.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures since my parents took the camera today, but all of it’s been arranged very prettily on one of my mom’s “playing card” plates (the diamond one, because I couldn’t find the one with the suit of hearts).

Anyone who has an issue with this offering who isn’t Freyja can go fuck themselves, seriously.

Happy (early) May Day! (Or whichever festival you celebrate, if any).

One thought on “My Own Version of a “Sponge Cake” Offering

  1. I am really working with the runes right now and I do offerings to Freya, the runes and Odin when I do. One night I was scrambling around the house upset I couldn’t find anything to offer. My so had one bag of Easter M&Ms left. I put them in the offering bowl for her and never thought a thing of it. I hate to use a Christian saying her but there is a story where Christ says the poor woman who gave her last coin was in her heart giving more than the ones who made sure they only gave 10%. If I came by your house and you offered me all that I would be very touched and it sounds yummy so why is it not good enough for the gods too? As much as I learn from the internet it can be a place to kill a persons faith if you let it. Thanks for your blog, it’s always a positive.

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