Updates From Gef

I don’t think anyone ever reads these, but I’m doing it anyways, because it helps me organize things.

Writing: The Eldermaid is still in the process of being published, because taxes and editing. After some time spent in writer’s fog (an extended period of writer’s block) I managed to write 1/2 a chapter of The Tithe-Boy, yay! If this trend continues, I should finally have a post for you on Friday. I’m trying not to start anything new.

Reading: Been reading a bunch of books, reviews to follow.

Playing: Been playing lots of games. The Last Remnant is trying its best to get me to ragequit, but I REFUSE to ragequit! Ragequitting is for quitters! I need to grind some more in Divine Divinity. I probably should pick up Fire Emblem Awakening but WHY DO THEY ALWAYS HAVE A SHIP LEVEL, WHY??

Stuff: My dog is home from her “vacation” at the kennel. This makes me happy. Oh, and I have jasmine tea. I’m not really a tea-drinker (much too bitter for my palate) but I’ll give it a shot.

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