Characters Are Annoying

I have a neat little world planned that has all these neat little categories that I can cram things into, and The Tithe-Boy‘s shaping up to be a great story, when….

….my characters are like “Nope, that’s not how we do things.”

And I’m like “Why?”

And they’re like: “It’s too dualistic, we’re polytheists, we don’t have time for that stuff!”

Then I’m thinking about this and suddenly I’m like “Wait, I think this world is a lot bigger than I’d planned it to be.”

And they’re all like “That’s right.”

And at this point I’m just like “Well fuck me for writing by the seat of my pants….”

So now I have to rethink things, again. Mind you, I think the story will be much better now, but still, characters are annoying.

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