Found this image on tumblr yesterday:

I was going to snark some more, but TBH, I think the image speaks for itself.

Seriously, if you find yourself reblogging stupid dudebro memes like this, do us all a favour and punch yourself in the dick (or, if applicable, the breasts, because, while not equivalent to a dick, it will hurt a lot and it might bring you to your senses).


4 thoughts on “Bullshit

  1. The “Machismo Dudebro Viking” thing is getting rather tiresome. Then again, I don’t know how much philosophical depth one can expect from troglodytes.

    1. I’ll take hippies, as annoying as they are, over macho dudebro Vikings and the accompanying racism and lack of respect for women that usually comes with that attitude.

      1. Hel, I’d rather take all the fluffies over at PaganSpace over one dudebro Viking. I would rather dance naked in a circle (and, being overweight, I’m self-conscious about being naked around other people) then have to endure the company of one dudebro.

        I just can’t do it. I see all these dudebro memes and I just want to reach through my screen and smack them.

        All I can hear when I see this image now is Eric Cartman’s voice from South Park, complaining about hippies.

        1. Agreed. I’d rather have nice people (even if academic things tend to be waaaay beyond their purview) than a bunch of shitty, self-righteous people (to whom academic things are also foreign as hell, despite their petulant whines and foot-stomps of protest). At least the so-called “hippies” tend to be more tolerant and strive to understand the differences others maintain. Which is the attitude we need more of.

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