The Tithe-Boy Soundtrack (WIP)

As promised, here is my soundtrack/playlist for my ongoing serial, The Tithe-Boy. This is obviously a Work-In-Progress, so it will change over time. I’ll let you know when I’ve added new songs as the story develops.

The format will be: “Name of scene/dialogue snippet” “song/track name” – “band/composer/production company” and maybe a note or two. It should be obvious that I don’t own any of these songs, but in case it isn’t, these aren’t my songs, they belong to the artists/composers, etc. I just wish I owned the rights to them.

And now, the tracks:

The Tithe/”Magic, my Tithe-Boy” – “Fearless” by Audiomachine

The first fifty seconds of this track pretty much sum up the general mood of the opening scenes until around the last line of part one, and then it finishes on an epic note.

Lord Fulgaris – “Blackheart” by Two Steps From Hell

Lord Fulgaris does not actually have a black heart, but this track is the perfect combination of melancholy, nobility, and even a little ridiculousness.

The Inferno – “Burning Sky” by Immediate Music

It’s almost a disservice to this awesome track that it’s in a scene that lasts all of a couple seconds of reading time, but those first few moments express the kind of raw terror that Tom is feeling right at that moment.

and, a track for a future scene:

Meeting at the Wall – “Rise Above” by Position Music

I’ll add more tracks as I find them. In particular, Karios, Helaira, Sevian, and the Blood Seer deserve their own tracks, I just need to find the right combination of feels for each of them.


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