A Friendly Reminder

I am not an elder (not being particularly old or experienced in the ways of my tradition). I don’t have twenty altars scattered throughout my house (actually, I don’t have ANY at all). I can’t be any more specific with my sources than “I think that was in the Lokasenna….somewhere….” I am not a godspouse, or a godslave, or much of a god-anything. You ask “Why should I trust your word?” and you know what? You shouldn’t. If you find that what I have to say is worthwhile, then it is.

I constantly fear that I’m pronouncing my deities’ names wrong.

While I’m on the subject, I should note that I did not learn any of this at my grandmother’s knee, I just read, a lot.

I’m not a big “label” person. I stopped adding labels when the entire label was too long to put on a business card.

Oh, by the way, I’d love to attend a religious festival AND an anime convention (comic books aren’t my thing) but the thing is that I can’t afford either.

I just thought I’d throw that out there.

This wasn’t brought on by anything in particular, I just feel the need to remind people that you really don’t need to be a godspouse or a godslave or an Ordeal Master or anything like that because, to be honest, I see people whining about how they don’t have awesome godphones or how no deity will marry them and I’m like “WHY WOULD YOU WANT SUCH A THING?! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU??”

14 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder

  1. My “Godphone” is shit. Your “Godphone” is shit. Errbody’s “Godphone” is shit. YAY SHIT “GODPHONES.” πŸ˜€

    In all seriousness, though, (my “Godphone really is shit) yes, laymen are important too and no one needs to be everything. There’s a “too many chiefs and not enough tribespeople” thing going around the Polytheist community at large. There has been for a long time. And you don’t have to be “sooper speshuhl” or a priest or whatever to have a perfectly fulfilling religious life.

    • Yeah, the problem is that laypeople just aren’t impressive enough. Everybody wants to be impressive and feel like they are doing something significant.

      It reminds me of this story from India where Krishna is being a little brat and tries to steal some butter when his mother isn’t looking, and his mother suspects he’s stolen the butter and gets him to open his mouth so she can check.

      And she looks in his mouth and sees the entire universe, because Krishna is a god and stuff.

      When my professor told us this story, she pointed out that holy men and women, people who dedicate their entire lives to their religion do so in the hope that they may get a glimpse of what Krishna’s mother saw.

      And his mother basically gets what they want by scolding her child.

      The whole point of the story is that domestic work may not be particularly glamorous or noteworthy, but there is still the potential to experience the sacred in the simplest tasks, and, well, anyone can look at India and see that not everyone is a member of the brahmin caste and they seem perfectly able to be religious….when people aren’t preventing low caste people from leaving offerings to deities, that is.

        • I double-checked the story, and most of the versions I see have him eating clay, but the one I heard was butter (which makes perfect sense, considering the significance of cows).

          My guess is that the gods like rich, fatty foods, and butter is the fattiest food of all. Sweets are also good, many deities like sweets, not all, but many.

          • Yes, it’s butter…well, sort of…it’s actually a very rich sort of cream made from cow’s milk. This story is actually from the Indian holy scriptures, dating back from who knows when. I grew up hearing the “butter” version of the story but never heard a version where he eats clay…

  2. Anybody who thinks being a godspouse means eternal bliss and Understanding It All and an automatic fast track to Special Snowflake Land needs to step a little closer, so I can take them lovingly aside and pat their hand encouragingly and whisper, “You poor, poor fool. You will learn the error of that way of thinking. We all did, and so will you.” πŸ˜›

    • To be completely honest, I’d have to question the sanity of any deity who would want me for a spouse. I have enough trouble handling my own affairs, I have no idea how I would handle a deity who is all like “Can I just be myself around you?”

      I would just be like “Are you desperate or high or something? You don’t really WANT another one, do you?”

      And anyways, with the current crop of Loki spouses popping up (genuine or….otherwise) it doesn’t seem like it’s all that special at the moment, you know, because it seems like everyone is doing it (and then there are people like you, who are all like “in b4 tumblr lokispouses”).

      Keep on patting hands there, okay? πŸ™‚

  3. Gee, I have multiplying altars simply because They want them.

    As I replied to someone else’s blog, what needs to happen is more of us need to discuss our particular spiritual lives and how we do things to have people understand there is more to devotion that being a God-something. That devotion has a wide range of ways of being.

    As for me, I take dictation from dinos who want me to blog their stories. It is not glamourous nor exciting, but hey working with dinos beats being a God-something any day. I imagine that a lot more of us have deep spiritual relations with Someone or Something that we don’t discuss because it is not exciting enough (or so we think).

    • I honestly don’t know anyone who wouldn’t think dinosaurs are “cool” on some level, but perhaps many don’t readily think of dinosaurs because they’re extinct. Dragons and unicorns and such are “cool”, but dinosaurs? Extinct, move along, nothing to see here.

      When I was younger, I wanted to grow up and be a velociraptor. I’m serious, a velociraptor. I think many forget that once upon a time, they thought dinosaurs were the coolest things ever.

      • Actually extinct animals have a lot to say to people. Simply because they are not as accessible or seemly as exciting as wolves, etc, doesn’t mean folks can be devoted to them. You got to remember that about 95 percent of the species that ever lived on Earth are extinct. So why should only a very small group – big name North American mammals (as one person called them) get all the attention? Wolf, dolphin, bear and perhaps raven take most of folks’ time and attention.

        I see dinos and others holding the third spot in the universes. First spot is the world of reality – the one we can touch and feel. Second spot is the world of imagination – the one we sense in other ways. The third is the nexus of these two. That is my Personal Gnosis.

    • Yeah, it would be great to see more diversity in writing about different ways of expressing devotion. I think part of the problem with – well, any number of controversies, really – is that most of the writing that gets wide distribution comes from people who have the edge-of-the-bell-curve type relationships or spiritual lives.

      • I agree. We seem to have the most interest in those folks, while the rest of us seem to have ho-hum type of lives. I do see various types of devotion in blogs that are off the beaten track or not by famous folks.

        • Yeah, I find those too, though moreso on Tumblr than the “serious” blogging sites. Now I have half a mind to try and do more digging elsewhere and maybe try and compile a directory of sorts, because I find a lot of value in reading about a wide range of polytheistic practices, and while I know there’s a certain interest in reading about more extreme or unusual practices (like contacting spirits of extinct animals ;), people also like reading things more relatable to their own lives, too.

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