A Year of Service: The Thirteen Houses Project

In light of the recent kerfluffle, it seemed like an appropriate time for me to start this pop culture-inspired project that I’ve been holding off on since I first came up with it.

As you may or may not know, I’m a big fan of the Kushiel’s Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey. This project was inspired by the Year of Service, a year in which all priest/esses of the goddess Naamah–whose domain is sexuality–wander around Terre D’Ange, forbidden to refuse anyone who seeks them out of “true longing”. This is so they can better understand the sacrifice the goddess made when she slept with strangers so that Blessed Elua could eat. In return, Naamah blesses them with desire for each patron.

I thought this was a cool idea from the day I read of it, but as there would be….many issues….completing the Year of Service as written, some adjustments were in order. What I eventually decided on was a series of posts based on the Thirteen Houses of the Court of Night-Blooming Flowers, home of Terre D’Ange’s most prestigious courtesans, who ply their trade in the goddess’s service (although they are not priest/esses). So, for the next year, on the thirteenth of each month, I’ll be doing a post featuring one of the houses and giving you my thoughts on my interpretation of that house’s canon. Originally, I thought I’d assign each house one of the Thirteen Vanic Virtues. but they don’t all fit and besides, list ethics just aren’t my thing, I’ll bring them up if I find they’re relevant to the current post, though.

So that’s what I will be doing for the next year, starting today with Cereus House.

And of course, I’m always around to do free tarot readings for people. You can e-mail me at k r y h e a(at)y a h o o(dot)c o m (no spaces between letters). I was recently told a blind reading I gave was “pretty close”, but I can’t promise 100% accuracy.

11 thoughts on “A Year of Service: The Thirteen Houses Project

  1. I am truly looking forward to this.. would you mind terribly if I did a similar set.. I loved the series, jacqueline is a fantastic woman.. and I’m looking forward to reading this

    • I have decks that seem to like particular sorts of questions (my Tarot of Vampyres likes relationship type questions, the Arthurian Tarot I just reviewed here seems to do well with more general readings).

      One thing I don’t like to do is large spreads, generally I like to focus on three to five cards and draw additional cards for clarification. Sometimes I just draw three cards and am like “Here’s the situation as I see it….” I’m trying to wean myself away from using LWBs, so sometimes what I say doesn’t have anything to do with traditional meanings, because I’m just going off my impressions.

      The rest is just, you know, standard caveats, still a beginner, don’t do anything rash like sell your house or quit your job based on a reading, entertainment purposes only, etc. etc. .

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