On Magic

If you have been reading my earlier posts, you will undoubtedly have noticed that I don’t talk about magic much on this blog, if at all. I thought I would devote a post to the topic.

In brief, I have not personally experienced anything that would suggest to me that magic exists, and I think that the human mind has a tendency to see connections and patterns where there are none. This goes back to a past post I did on the idea of “signs” and how some jump to conclusions without looking for mundane explanations first.

However, if others do magic, and it works for them, then it works. To use an example I’m more familiar with, tarot “works” for me, it doesn’t work all the time, but it definitely works.

And I suppose I could come up with some half-assed explanation for why it works. Skeptics will say that it all comes down to cold reading, educated guesswork, New Agey types go on about “the energies of the Universe”, others will say that deities, spirits, ancestors and the like are the ones guiding me to pick the correct cards. Maybe I just have amazing intuition. I should note here that I don’t do any special rituals with my cards. They usually stay in their boxes, but some of the boxes are poor quality, so those decks are in bags. I usually shuffle, cut, and scatter the cards, but that has more to do with the fact that I have small hands and have trouble really mixing the cards up than ritual.

Whatever the reason, tarot works for me….sometimes….

I would imagine it’s the same way with magic. Some kinds work for some people, others, not so much.

The other issue I have with magic is that it kind of lost its allure once I grew out of my “magpie phase” (in which I needed to collect ALL THE SPELLS) and I my focus shifted to being less about magic-with-religion and more about religion-with-magic, because, as I said, the magic part really wasn’t working.

The one thing I don’t agree with, though, is bashing practitioners of magic. I have seen Heathens refer to magic as “gravy” on the mashed potatoes and steak that is doing blots and sumbel and shouting HAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL! a lot. I suspect this has as much to do with not wanting to look like st00pid Wiccans as Iron Age attitudes towards magic and magical practitioners.

And look, I know no one wants to look like st00[id Wiccans, but there were, are, and continue to be people who make magic a priority in their practice.

Deal. With. It.

As an aside, I swore if one more Nord in Skyrim made fun of me for being a mage, I would set them on fire.

And I did.

It was awesome.

You would think video game people would learn that you don’t make fun of the girl who can melt your face off without touching you.

They never learn.

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