Went to the doctor yesterday, apparently I have this thing called punctate keratitis, which basically means that my cornea is inflamed. The doctor thinks it probably happened when I caught that virus I had in November. It was supposed to have healed by now, but for some reason it hasn’t.

So it’s off to a cornea specialist, who might prescribe steroid drops. For now, I need to lubricate with eye drops and ointment. Joy, eye drops, EYE DROPS EVERY DAY!

My eyesight does seem to improve a little bit when my eyes are wet, but I just wish this thing would go away.

On the upside, when I CAN make out letters, it seems my vision has improved by a whole line! Now if only the fucking blur would go away!

Anyways, this means I’m not really up to long writing sessions. I want to post a review today, but other writing will be slow.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Rest up and don’t push your eyes! Relaxing and doing simple eye exercises will be much more helpful than pushing to read a computer screen. (: Get well soon!

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