So I’m Writing Another Book….

I have decided that I am sick and tired of reminding people that 1) not all of us have godphones, like at all, and 2) doubt is okay

Therefore, I have decided to write a book.

The book is tentatively titled Paganism with Feet on the Ground and tentatively subtitled A Guide for the Rest of Us. Please note that both title and subtitle are very much tentative.

Here is my vision for the book:

This will not be a “how-to” guide with rituals and meditations and such. It will not be a guide for any particular tradition. It won’t be an instruction manual. It probably won’t be as exciting as your average “Pagan 101” book.

What it will be is a message of support. It will be about doubt, and how its okay to doubt. It will be about trusting your gut, and it will be about saying “You are not alone!”

This will be a book for those of us who aren’t priest/esses, or spirit-workers, shamans, witches, mystics, a book for those of us who have never felt the presence of a deity, that is not to say that this book might be of interest to people who fall within those categories, but this book is written for the everyperson, for the layperson, for the person who reads about how her co-religionists talk with deities and confesses to, yes, feeling jealous.

I’m sorry, everyone, but this won’t be the Vanatru 101 book I dream of writing, because I don’t feel as if I can write that book. This book, however, this book I can write, and I think this book is needed more than a half-hearted guide on “How to Worship the Vanir”.

I will update you on my progress.


6 thoughts on “So I’m Writing Another Book….

  1. This is brilliant. I’m definitely already looking forward to reading this. The reason I started blogging again was just so the online Pagan community would have another godphone-less voice speaking up. I’m glad to see that there are other people experiencing and thinking about this stuff.

    Let me know if I can help with the book in any way. 🙂

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