Test Game is Finished!

I just finished the final playtest of my test game using RPG Maker VX Ace, so now it’s ready to play!

You can download the game here.


Download the files. (I saved it to desktop.)

Open the file to extract the game files.

You should see a folder entitled “Ryan’s Amazing Adventure” open it.

Click on the RG553 file named “Game” (it has a dragon head) and the game should run.


It is a very short game and will take you less than ten minutes to complete. (My longest playthrough was 8 minutes.)

Bur, just to make sure you see all the cool things I’ve done with it, here’s a quick walkthrough:


Arrow keys to move

Enter to interact with objects, people, etc.

Watch the opening cutscene (press enter to see more dialogue). You now have control of Ryan, Simply head down the stairs and down again to exit his house (there’s nothing in the house to interact with besides the bed).

Once outside, a cutscene will start and you’ll meet Madilyn, who will join your party. Madilyn is a priestess who has powerful healing magic. She and Ryan will talk and mention something about fixing a boat. Ryan will say they ran out of wood, and Madilyn will say that you need ten Morph Logs to fix it. Madilyn will also suggest talking to someone named Winter.

Head down the steps and to the left, the blonde woman by the well is Winter, who will also join your party. (Note: You won’t be able to leave town until you’ve talked to her.”

Above Winter is an old lady. Speak to her and say “That’s bull!” for a reward (choosing “yes” makes her tease you). You can also loot the chest here for an Elemental Cloak. You won’t be able to equip it, but you can sell it for a lot of money.

If you like, you can also talk to the hyperactive child, but nothing comes of that. You can also visit the merchant, who is hanging out near the tent.

Now that you have Winter in your party, you can exit to the World Map. There’s a boat to your left, but clicking on it just makes Ryan say that you don’t have enough logs to fix it.

How do you get logs, you ask? By fighting the Man-Eating Plants in this area, just walk around in the fields (the light green portions of the map) and battle the enemies until you have 10 (or more) Morph Logs. (Note: If you’re having trouble with them, Winter’s spells deal a ton of damage.)

Once you have the required number of Morph Logs, interact with the boat again and Ryan will fix it. Hop on the boat (press enter again) and head down and to the left to the island dock. Enter the Temple Ruins.

The Temple Ruins

When you enter the ruins, a mysterious voice will give you a clue that will help you get to the next area. If you like, you can head to the right and read the sign. Open the chests there if you dare–each one will give you 100G and a potion. You can also open the chest in the upper left room for more goodies.

Now to solve the riddle. Before the path leading to the exit, you’ll see two statues. Interact with the silver one to be presented with a riddle. Select the right answer (“Fire”) and you may proceed to the Fire Cavern, the last area of the sample game.

The Fire Cavern

Inside the Fire Cavern, take the lower path and go right. You will see a man. This is Morris, a cultist who is looking to resurrect an evil deity. Be sure to save your game before talking to him.

(Note: If you’re low on HP or MP, you can use Madilyn’s magic–specifically, any of the Heal spells– or rest in Ryan’s bed to completely heal your party.)

Once you are ready, talk to Morris, he will exchange banter with Winter and then you’ll fight your first boss battle:

Boss: Morris

Morris isn’t that tough, the real threat is his pet, Cerberus, who can attack twice in one turn and hits very hard with his physical attack. The best strategy is to ignore Morris and focus your attacks on Cerberus. Ryan’s Triple Attack is a good choice, as are Winter’s spells (which are ridiculously overpowered), They CAN quickly decimate a party that doesn’t have a whole lot of health, so don’t be afraid to use Madilyn’s Heal magic.

Once Morris and Cerberus have been defeated, watch the closing cutscene. Congratulations! You’ve beaten the game! A Winner is you!


So this is just a very small sample of the kinds of things RPG Maker can do. I should reiterate that I did everything in this game without even touching the original script and I have absolutely no knowledge of programming languages and whatnot.

Most of this game was based on the tutorial exercises on the official website, since those tutorials aren’t complete, I had to hunt down some newbie guides to help me out. Fortunately, the RPG Maker forum is very active and full of helpful people.

Oh, playtesting, playtesting is very important. I playtested this game like a fiend and you’ll probably still find things wrong with it.

Yes I know the animations are terrible and the game is ridiculously easy.

Anyways, I’ll be following this up with a review of the program. For now, let me know if it worked for you and I’ll see if I can’t make it longer next time.

3 thoughts on “Test Game is Finished!

    • I just checked the official website, and they don’t seem to have any official support for Macs. They only tell you to download Virtual Box and have a copy of Windows. I know newer Macs have a feature that lets you run Windows things.

      Sorry. 😦

      • No, it’s fine, I’ll just boot up my virtual box machine. I only didn’t want to if I didn’t have to. Looking forward to checking out the game!

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