Loki Short Fiction Contest + Story

I just sent in an entry for iocthulhu’s “July for Loki Short Fiction Contest”. You can read about the contest here. Seriously, ENTER! She’s only gotten TWO entries so far (including mine), don’t let me win all the swag (and I would very much like to win swag).

Anyways, here is the story I entered for the contest (so you know what you’re up against lol). As usual, it’s completely unedited (yes, I know I shouldn’t use prepositions at the beginning of sentences) and contains cross-dressing.

Read it after the cut.

The Second Laugh

 One year, winter stayed too long.

The people were accustomed to long winters, accustomed to the necessary slaughter and gathering of the harvest before winter settled in for a few moons, at least.

This time, however, like a relative one cannot evict from one’s house lest they appear rude, winter remained, and the longer it stayed, the more the people suffered. Where once there was harmony, there was bickering. Neighbours did not visit one another, they huddled around their hearth fires, and prayed for an end to the cold.

 And so it was that Sky-Treader, the Trickster, who rules the hearth fire, heard the cries of the people and decided to investigate the cause of their distress.

Sky-Treader knew that the likely culprit was the Winter Queen, and so he packed a heavy cloak and his precious winged shoes and headed north into the mountains, where the Winter Queen had her dwelling. The journey passed quickly (it helps if you know as many journey songs as the Trickster knows) and before long–about as long as it takes a hummingbird to flap its wings once—Sky-Treader had arrived at the Winter Queen’s dwelling.

 The Winter Queen sat upon a throne, hand resting under her chin, and wearing the saddest expression you ever did see. Her wolves, her constant companions, lay listlessly on either side of her. They were a sorry sight.

 Trickster approached the Winter Queen cautiously. “Good day, dear Lady,” said he. “May I ask what ails you today?”

 The Winter Queen sighed. “My father is dead and my lover abandoned me,” she said. “At least the affair with Sea-Father went well enough, but I am hardly in the mood to entertain visitors now.”

 Now, you may not know this, but Tricksters are a clever bunch, able to see solutions to problems in the blink of an eye, and Sky-Treader was no exception to this rule. “Well then, I shall be your companion for the day!” He declared. “Do you not remember, when you first came to the Great Hall, and I made you laugh?”

“Oh yes, I suppose that was very amusing,” said the Winter Queen, sounding as if her heart wasn’t in it.

“Well, with your permission, dear Lady, at least give me a chance to bring a smile to your face!”

 The Winter Queen seemed to think on this, and at last she nodded. “Do as you please,” she said. “But I doubt there is anything that would cheer me up….”

 Trickster grinned, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Only give me a moment,” he said, and went out of her sight to prepare himself.

Moments later, Trickster returned, and what a sight he was! His cheeks were adorned with rouge, his lips red as roses, eyelids painted blue as the sky. He was wearing enough rings to ransom a king and enough bells on his toes to accommodate a symphony orchestra. The dress he wore was in all colours of the rainbow, silk and cashmere mingled with cotton, plastic rhinestones with rubies, it was the most marvelous motley mess you ever did see!

And then Trickster began to dance.

 He twirled, he minced, he sashayed, he swiveled his hips in a way that would probably be too much for delicate sensibilities. He lifted his skirts and kicked his legs high in the air (he wasn’t wearing anything underneath). He took the Winter Queen’s servants by the hand and spun them around too, and soon, everyone was smiling and laughing.

 But the Winter Queen did not laugh. She did not even smile.

 Unperturbed, Trickster continued to dance, his movements became more exaggerated, his gestures lewd, and he began to sing now in a high, clear voice, the sort of song that would be too much for delicate sensibilities. Some of the servants (who sensibilities were not so delicate) joined in, and suddenly the Winter Queen’s Hall was the site of a raucous celebration.

 And then, the grand finale! Taking a running start, Trickster vaulted over a goat and one very confused servant before landing in the Winter Queen’s lap.

 And then, the Winter Queen smiled, and then she laughed, a rich sound that echoed throughout the Hall.

 And then she said “Oh, you silly thing! You pulled the same trick last time!”

 “No,” said Trickster, grinning. “Last time I tied my balls to a goat.”

 “Well then,” she said. “I suppose you will be spending three nights here instead of one, since this time is not like last time?”

 And Trickster smiled and said “I’d like that.”

 And so, when the party had died down, Trickster and the Winter Queen went to bed together, and, for three nights, the Winter Queen was very happy indeed, and then, finally, Winter gave way to Spring.


See what I can do when my fucking eyes decide to cooperate? (Still having problems with my sight, BTW, but I managed to cough this one up.) Go the fuck away, punctate keratitis!

Seriously, go and enter this contest! Here’s the link to it again: http://iocthulhu.tumblr.com/post/55221586644/july-for-loki-short-fiction-contest-this-is

Just stay away from the Skadi charm because it’s MINE!


7 thoughts on “Loki Short Fiction Contest + Story

      1. I personally like Angrboda’s charm better, but Gullveig has some potential (what with being burned alive three times). There’s also the thing with her being Freyja–or Angrboda–so you could do something with that. (Also note that Loki sleeps with both Freyja and Angrboda on separate occasions).

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