Updated the Recommended Reading List

This is just a note that I’ve updated the recommended reading list. Well, I haven’t added anything, I just finally got around to removing a couple books from the list.

It was difficult for me to remove these books, because they had a big impact on my spiritual development, but in light of recent…unpleasantness….I’ve chosen to remove them from my list.

I would, as always, encourage you to judge for yourself if any books are worth reading, but as for me, I just can’t really bear to look at certain books anymore.

Thank you for being so understanding.

3 thoughts on “Updated the Recommended Reading List

    • I think it’s best I not say. I’m not one for naming names. I will say though, that I really don’t like culling my recommended reading list. I’m usually one to say “Well, they’ve said/done some shitty things, but there’s still some good info. in the book.” (I should note that this is a case where someone’s said some stuff, not something they’ve done.)

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