A Story

Once there was an Urban Fantasy Protagonist, and she had a special power that was only possessed by a few people in her area. Maybe she could read minds, or understand animals, or read a hundred books in a day, all you need to know is that this power was special, but then again, everyone else had a special power as well, so it’s not like it was that special.

This Urban Fantasy Protagonist had a few close friends, friends she’d known since grade school, friends who supported her and were supported by her in turn. She knew she could always rely on these friends for helpful advice or a shoulder to cry on after a bad breakup, and she was always the first to appear at a friend’s door with chicken soup and a box of tissues when one of her friends was sick. Although they did have disagreements (as all friends do) they were never jealous of each other, especially not when one of them was dating.

Among this Urban Fantasy Protagonist’s friends was a Nice Everyman, this Nice Everyman worked at a rather bland and unexciting job. Maybe he worked for a large corporation in a cubicle, or perhaps in sales. The Nice Everyman was occasionally frustrated with his job, but it paid the bills, and maybe he was saving up to become a teacher or a nurse or even a writer. Our Urban Fantasy Protagonist has secretly had a crush on him since forever.

One day, our Urban Fantasy Protagonist encounters a Bad Boy, he may be a werewolf, or a vampire, or perhaps a demon, but he is something different, and our Urban Fantasy Protagonist falls for him immediately.

“Oh, no!” the Urban Fantasy Protagonist laments. “I still have feelings for my Nice Everyman! He is so sweet, a secure and stable partner, but the Bad Boy is different, and the (enthusiastic, consensual) sex I have with him is amazing! Oh! Whatever should I do? Who should I choose?”

And then, something wonderful happened.

The Nice Everyman looked at the Bad Boy, and noticed how he had perfect hair and lovely eyes, and said: “Threesome?”

And the Bad Boy looked at him, with his rumpled shirt and beautiful hands,  and grinned. “I’m down with that.”

Thus was the Urban Fantasy Protagonist’s romantic dilemma solved, enabling her to get back to more important things, like saving the world, which she accomplished all on her own with the assistance of a motorcycle, a shotgun, and a half-eaten chocolate cake.


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