Fire Jewel is Out!

Fire Jewel: A Devotional for Freyja is now officially for sale on Lulu! It comes in three lovely formats!


Click here to buy the Paperback


Click here to by the ebook version (PDF)


Click here to buy the ebook version (ePub)


Link to Asphodel Press’ devotionals page


Synopsis, from the Lulu page:


“Freyja, the ancient Norse Goddess of love, fertility, and sorcery is one of the most popular deities of modern Norse religious traditions, and yet there is a dearth of devotional material dedicated to her. This collection of writings hopes to remedy that problem. Here you will find poems, prayers, rituals, songs, and more in praise of the goddess in her various aspects. To some, she is a goddess of love, others speak of her as sorceress and seidr-worker, some see her as the goddess who mourns for her absent husband, others as a mighty warrior, still others as her father’s daughter shining upon the sea. She is all of these things, and more. She is the Goddess who wears Brisingamen, the Fire Jewel, the most beautiful necklace in the world – and knows that she is worthy of its gift.”


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here!


I’m so happy that I’ve set a 15% discount on the paperback version if you buy direct from Lulu. The discount will be in effect until Monday, February 3rd.

P.S. To my contributors (you know who you are), DO NOT TOUCH THOSE LINKS! Free copies for you!

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