Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #3

Let’s continue with a look at the entire 12 volume set of Sailor Moon manga, shall we?

So, it’s kind of difficult to talk about #3 without spoiling everything so ALL THE SPOILERS for the two of you who haven’t read these. Seriously I’m pretty sure I’m the only one here who hasn’t read the entire thing, but in any case, spoilers.

So basically #3 wraps up the Dark Kingdom arc and moves on to the next arc (Black Moon, which I honestly don’t remember from the show apart from Rubeus and the Wise Man).  I’m still used to the show where these things last for like, ten episodes, but manga, being manga, has less time to waste. The series finally seems to be picking up in #3, one villain exits stage left, new ones crop up, and Rini Chibi-Usa is introduced (and because I don’t have to deal with her being insufferable for five episodes, she’s much less annoying). It’s also nice to see the villains being a bit more aggressive with their “divide and conquer” strategy instead of just, you know, letting the scouts be while you throw monsters of the week at them.

In other unsurprising news, the art is still great and the translation is still awkward (there are a couple obvious grammatical errors on top of the awkward phrasing) so basically more of the same. Hooray. The one thing that’s slightly annoying is how the phrase “Legendary Silver Crystal” is always in quotes. I’ve been calling it the “Alleged Silver Crystal” instead. I get that the quotation marks are there for emphasis, but we’re well past the point where that’s needed. I mean, really, the capitalization alone is enough to tell an English-speaking audience that This Thing Is Very Important.

As a further aside, man, I cannot wait for the new anime. It’s going to be awesome if they keep their promise to have it be closer to the manga.

In a nutshell, it’s more Sailor Moon only much more stuff happens, exciting stuff.


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