Toronto Comic Con!

Bef0re I hit you with a couple of reviews because I have been reading Sailor Moon like crazy, I thought I’d talk about what I did yesterday. Yesterday I spent the day in Toronto at Comic Con! It was my very first con so I was very excited.

Basically my first impression was that there were too many things, too many things all over the place. You walk in and there’s rows of white boxes with single issues in them. I have no idea how you’re supposed to find anything, but I guess if you’re looking for something really specific then you know where to look. My friend wanted to look at vinyl figurines, so we looked at those (as in, we ran around to about five different places that had them in stock, because my friend had a List). I bought one (Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).

Our next stop was the manga, because I love manga, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything at this point. After that we just sort of wandered around, looking at everything. (Seriously, there is a ton of everything at this con.) I had a chat with Jen Frankel, author of  The Last Rite, which is a horror/fantasy supernatural thriller kind of book (I didn’t end up buying it so I thought I’d advertise a bit).

Costumes, you can’t go to a comic con without seeing costumes. There was one guy dressed as the Joker, he was doing such a good job of being the Joker that I was scared of him, and at this one point we had to squeeze by a collection of Batman villains (and Batman) who were just….there….it was very awkward.

So eventually I went back to the manga booth and bought Phantom Thief Jeanne and by that time both of us were hungry, so we stopped to eat. (I don’t know if you know this but the food at events like this tends to be expensive, and this was no exception.)

It was almost time to go but I wanted to make one last sweep because I was looking for Saga #1 f0r no particular reason other than that I heard it was good–and that was when I realized that several places had #1 and #2 (as paperbacks that contain several issues, not single issues) so I was just like “For the US cover price I’ll buy both….”

Then it was time to go catch the bus and go home.

Overall, I would attend again because despite not really being a comics person or involved with very many fandoms (or at least popular fandoms) there was still a lot to see and do and everyone was really nice and the con was free of idiot dudebro harassment of the type I’ve heard about at other cons.

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