Review: Saga (Vol. 2)

[Note: The following contains SPOILERS for the first six issues of Saga, and more discussion of NSFW content.]

Yes I finished volume 2 already. I think this series is my new favourite thing.

Volume 2 includes issues 7 to 12 of the series. It begins with the arrival of Marko’s parents, Barr and Klara, who accidentally banish Izabela to the nearest planetoid. While Marko and his mother head to the planetoid to retrieve their ghost babysitter, Alana bonds with Marko’s father. Meanwhile, The Will is still trying to figure out how to rescue Slave Girl from Sextillion, enter Gwendolyn, Marko’s ex, who obviously has her own reasons for wanting to hunt down Marko. The volume ends with a Robot IV-centric issue as he tracks down the author of Alana’s favourite book (volume 12 caused some controversy when a company pulled it for depicting sex between men).

Saga continues to deliver tough female characters with the addition of Klara and Gwendolyn (both women of colour). Interestingly, like with Marko and Alana, Klara is very aggressive while Barr is the cool-headed one (he’s also a weaver, a traditionally “feminine” activity). Gwendolyn hatches a plan to rescue Slave Girl in the space of a few minutes that doesn’t require unnecessary risks or a ton of money. It does seem like the ladies aren’t getting to participate in as many action scenes as the guys (Klara because Marko is a pacifist, Gwendolyn does help The Will rescue Sophie but somehow manages to not kill an enemy with a lightning strike to the stomach, making it necessary to finish the job with a gun). I’m hoping the women will have many more opportunities to be badasses as the series goes on. A small thing that made me happy is the fact that Landfall has a female president

Overall, there’s much less blood and gore and sexual content in this than the last volume, although we do get to witness the first time Alana and Marko had sex, and there’s the aforementioned depiction of oral sex between men on Prince Robot IV’s screen (which could be interpreted in a few different ways). There’s also the really, really, really endowed ogre-like monster that Marko and Klara have to face. Like seriously it’s one of the most grotesque displays of full-frontal male nudity I have ever seen. (I heard the writer actually apologized to the artist for making her draw it.) I don’t blame anyone for wanting the brain bleach after viewing that splash page.

Overall, volume 2 is more of the same, and that’s fantastic. The series has some really great characters and interesting ideas, and I already can’t wait for the next collection!

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