Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #4

I actually finished this last week but I’m just getting to it now.

This volume continues the “Nemesis” arc, with the sailor guardians facing off against the Black Moon Clan–or they would if they’d stop getting abducted. There’s a ton of exposition: Chibi-Usa’s identity, what the whole deal is with Nemesis, and new insights into Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship. This volume also introduces Sailor Pluto, the mysterious guardian of the Door of Space and Time.

It might just be me, but so far as I’m reading the series I’m finding that the other characters besides Usagi and Mamoru aren’t getting a whole lot of character development. I feel like the villains are being given a bit more depth, but the other scouts don’t really seem to have the same strong characterization that they had in the anime (to be fair, the anime had to pad things out with more characterization).

As usual, the art is great and the translation is awkward. I swear to gods, if I had a dollar for every time Chibi-Usa is addressed as “Small Lady” I’d be too rich to care about this series. At one point during the translation notes, the translator even says “I have no idea what these chemistry terms mean, you look it up,” and I’m just like “Well….okay then……” For those who are interested, I found a website that goes over the translation mistakes/awkwardness in the manga.

Overall, I found #4 to be one of the more exposition-heavy volumes, and I’d like to see more characters get a little more development.

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