Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #5

We’re almost through with the first Sailor Moon box set!

So, to recap, when we last left our heroes, Chibiusa encountered the Wiseman beyond the Door of Space and Time. Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are still out of action, and we got a lot of backstory about Nemesis and its history with Neo Crystal Tokyo.

Overall I found this volume kind of confusing. On the one hand you have Tuxedo Mask trying to rescue Chibiusa, you have Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus trying to find the scouts (also Prince Demande is really pushy) but then you have the appearance of the Black Lady. Once again, the incredibly awkward translation does not help, at all. It’s easy enough to piece together what’s going on, but there were times when I had to pause and ask myself “Wait, what’s going on?” Since this volume concludes the second story arc, everything eventually gets wrapped up, and you have epic betrayals and drama and a character death or two, but it all seems very rushed as if someone really couldn’t wait to just get on with the next arc. (The preview for the next arc looks very intriguing.)

Overall, I’d say that this arc started off strong, but it just seems like between all the exposition and the confusion at the end it wasn’t as epic as it could have been (again, the translation does not help).

Next stop: the Infinity arc!

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