Game Review: Ace Attorney Investigations – Miles Edgeworth

I just came home from Easter dinner and I don’t feel like doing much, so I figured I’d just post another review before I start getting a backlog, and gods know I have enough backlogs.

As much as I love Phoenix and Apollo, Miles Edgeworth is probably my favourite of the main cast, not many people can pull off a maroon suit with a cravat, and even though he does have moments where he’s a complete jackass (Adrian Andrews, anyone?) he just always seems so cool, confident, and in control, and did I mention that he’s a classy, classy man, because he totally is.

Ace Attorney Investigations puts you in Edgeworth’s shoes as he, you guessed it, investigates crime scenes. Like past Ace Attorney games, gameplay is broken up into two segments: Investigation and Rebuttal. During the Investigation portion, you move Edgeworth (while another character shadows him, ready to offer you advice if you get stuck) around the crime scene, examining evidence, which he’ll add to his Organizer (basically the Court Record in other games). As with the other Ace Attorney games, it’s important to refer to the evidence in the organizer frequently.

While Phoenix has his magatama and Apollo has his bracelet, Miles relies on his brain to aid in his investigations. You’ll naturally pick up pieces of information throughout your investigation, using the Logic system, you can connect two pieces of information together, and if you choose the right info, Miles will have a breakthrough (Eureka!) and you’ll be given new information to aid in your investigation. If you find a contradiction between the scene of a crime and a piece of evidence you currently hold, Miles can Deduce why this is so. I really like this system since it fits Miles to a T. He doesn’t need spiritual powers or acute perception, just reason and logic.

When you’ve finished investigating, it’s time to go toe-to-toe with suspects in the Rebuttal segments. These should be familiar to any Ace Attorney fan, as they involve pressing suspects and objecting to contradictory statements (with evidence in hand, of course!).

As usual, the cast of characters is delightfully quirky and you’ll see plenty of old faces as well as new ones, of particular note are Kay Faraday, a young woman who claims to be the next Great Thief, Yatagarasu, and Shi-Long Lang, an Interpol agent who is basically your “prosecutor” for this game. For me, Agent Lang was one of those characters who was kind of annoying at first but as the game went on I found myself warming up to him. Ace Attorney characters in general seem to have a way of growing on you.

In addition to Miles Edgeworth being a classy, classy man, the game’s music is similarly classy. Seriously, listen to this one with headphones on. My favourite track was probably “Confrontation~Presto”. About the only thing I found lacking was the “regular” interrogation theme, which was just kind of….slow and ordinary.

In terms of other things I was kind of meh about, the game is ridiculously easy, and I found that most of the time when I was stuck it was because I forgot to connect the dots in Miles’ head via the Logic button. I did find that it seemed like there was much more hand-holding in this game, with Miles nearly outright stating exactly which piece of evidence I needed to get a witness to spill their guts. I thought this was much more subtle in Phoenix’a games.

Overall, if you’re an Ace Attorney fan and you haven’t picked this one up by now, go and get it. I’m not usually a fan of spin-offs that aren’t related to Shin Megami Tensei, but this one’s great. In fact, the thing I’m most saddened by is that North America didn’t get Investigations 2.

*sighs* Oh well, there’s always Dual Destinies….

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