Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #7

I just realized that wow the new anime is coming (and Viz Media just snagged the license for the original series and are subbing and dubbing the anime in English, completely uncut and I just wow) so I really need to get on top of these reviews.



Vol. 7 continues the Infinity arc. This is a rather thick volume compared to the others, so there’s a lot going on. There’s more Monster of the Week mayhem, of course, but we also get more insights into the “Outer Senshi”: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto and their mission, and some things about Sailor Saturn. We see Chibiusa trying to be a bit more independent and continuing to make nice with Hotaru, and Sailor Jupiter gets some time in the limelight where her love of gardening becomes a plot point.

Once again, the pacing in this volume is great. The reader isn’t bombarded with pages of exposition and there’s a good mix of action and tense moments to balance out the times when the scouts are out of uniform.

As usual, the translation has its painfully awkward moments, including a line that suggests that Sailor Uranus is intersex (what it actually means is that she has both feminine and masculine qualities). Which, again, doesn’t mean the series is unreadable, it’s just a shame that such a great series got such a lackluster translation.

Overall I actually wasn’t expecting to blow through this volume so quickly, the fact that I did says something about the improved pacing. Now if only I could wave a magic wand and make the translation not suck.

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