Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #8

When we last left our heroines Mistress 9 had just arrived on the scene and once again some cosmic evil is trying to mess things up for Tokyo, and, well, the entire world.

Volume 8 concludes the Infinity arc and begins the Dream arc, so what you’ll find is fewer “civilian” moments and a lot of screaming out the names of each of the sailor scouts one after the other (I swear Usagi does it like five times).

So what you get here is basically a lot of dramatics, some more info on Sailor Saturn, and a battle that somehow seems a little anticlimactic (although I didn’t feel it was nearly as anticlimactic as the end of the Nemesis arc), but there are some very interesting developments and the Dream arc, I feel, starts off strong with an eclipse and the appearance of a mysterious pegasus named Helios and the introduction of the Dead Moon Circus, the Amazon Trio, and the Amazoness Quartet. Also, though it will come as no surprise to anyone, as with Zoisite, Fish’s Eye is the guy he was always meant to be.

Unfortunately there’s not really a whole lot more I have to say about volume 8 other than that it’s still great and the series hasn’t jumped the shark or anything.

And of course, as usual the art is great and the translation is painfully awkward.


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