Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #9

Are you getting tired of these yet? Don’t worry, three more volumes to go!

A lot of stuff happens in volume 9. In my last review, I mentioned the eclipse and the arrival of Helios and the Dead Moon Circus. This volume begins with an incident involving body-swapping and then segues into the more familiar “Monster of the Week” format.

This volume mostly brings the focus back to the four Inner Senshi, with each one getting their own chapter. As its name might suggest, the Dream arc is about dreams and nightmares, and we get to hear about each of the Guardians’ dreams and how those dreams ultimately grant them new powers.

Once again, Chibiusa’s struggling with the feeling that she doesn’t bring anything valuable to the group and trying to come into her own as a Guardian. I kind of thought she would have learned that lesson last arc, but apparently it didn’t stick. At one point, the action “cuts” to scenes with Hotaru and her three mothers, well, two mamas and one “papa” who also happens to be a woman. I’ll admit I was a little annoyed that it cut to fun times with Hotaru just before a particularly tense moment, but honestly these scenes were kind of cute so I don’t mind that much.

The one issue I had was that it seemed like the body-swapping was resolved very abruptly and the translation really didn’t help clear anything up. (See, this is why it’s important to have a good translation.) It’s another one of those plots that could have easily taken up a whole volume but nothing was really done with it (similar to when I discussed Raenef’s personality switch in Demon Diary).

The translation appears to be much better this time around, and once again there’s some great pacing, and some really tense, exciting moments. This volume is definitely a winner all around, definitely one of my favourites.

Stay tuned for #10!

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