Review: Sailor Moon Vol. #11

The finish line is in sight, everyone, only one more volume after this and it will be all over!

Volume 11 introduces us to the final arc in the series, the Stars arc. After defeating Queen Nehellania, the sailor guardians return to their normal lives, and Mamoru leaves to study at Harvard in America. Now is no time to rest on their laurels, however, as the arrival of a popular band heralds the coming of a new enemy.

This arc introduces us to sailor guardians who watch over heavenly bodies outside of the solar system, including the Sailor Starlights, guardians who caused some controversy when their season of the anime first debuted in some countries.

In terms of story, this arc does a much better job of not blatantly hanging a sign that says “obvious villain” over some characters’ heads. I was even pleasantly surprised during one reveal that I won’t spoil. It does return to the Monster of the Week format, but with a bit of a twist this time to keep things interesting and add some tension. Ironically, the thing that bothered me most were the Starlights themselves, particularly Seiya, like can you not with Usagi while Mamoru is away? I just didn’t really like them as characters. They were like three Mamorus when he was in jerkass mode.

The art is once again great and the translation is finally the quality translation it should have been since the very beginning, although I did notice some spelling errors. Still, compared to the mess of earlier volumes, I can handle a few mistakes. Overall this arc is great and once again, it’s really a shame that we’re only now getting a great translation.

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