Growth and Changes

Since it seems like the comments on the blog have been inundated recently with comments from ignorant folkists who seem to think I will magically accept their racist ideologies, it’s time for me to move this blog forward a bit.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how my views have changed over the past decade (or, hell, over the past few years). I’ve gone from thinking things like Pop Culture Paganism are weird to actually calling myself a Pop Culture Pagan and engaging with that community, and TBH, the most shit I’ve gotten for it has been from more “traditional” Pagans.

When I started this blog (and when I started my main tumblr) I didn’t think I’d get any followers. I was just someone who had opinions on the internet. Lots of people have those. I just passed the 666 follower mark on tumblr, like, really? That many people think I’m at least worth a follow? It just seems so weird.

There are also times where I just want to reach back into the past and smack myself because I just….gods…..WTF was wrong with me? But I suspect we all have those moments, and I bet our past selves are thankful that we don’t have access to time machines or they’d be pretty bruised from all that smacking.

It’s one thing to be like “You weren’t the same person five years ago,” but it’s a whole other thing when you are five years on looking back, you know?

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