Where We Find Acceptance

If it seems like this blog has been a dumping ground for reviews this year, that’s because I’ve been spending a lot of time on Tumblr, and don’t feel the need to repeat what I say on Tumblr over here because, let’s face it, I’ve probably said the same thing five times already. Also I’m trying to play catch-up with my reviews. I have only a couple comics left and some games and then there will be less reviews as I finish the books I’m currently reading.

Anyways, back to Tumblr. Tumblr’s “pagan” tag is a very strange beast. It’s about 80% unsourced vaguely Pagan-ish art, 19% Pagan holiday memes that are grossly inaccurate (the whole Ishtar = Easter thing was either born on Tumblr or spread from Facebook to Tumblr) and 1% useful information. There’s at least one outbreak of “drama” per week. One week it’s because someone got on the wrong person’s bad side. Another week it’ll be because Pop Culture Pagans are wrecking polytheism. The week after that, Christian Witches are the target. It goes in cycles. Something different will probably crop up next week.

The thing is though, as much as Tumblr gets made fun of by “serious” practitioners for being fluffy central and Headquarters for the Social Justice Warriors (which is often true) Tumblr has been, in my experience, a place that is much less tolerant of bigotry and assholetry as some of the other social networks I’ve been to.

It’s no secret that Heathenry has issues with racism, but it’s also true that a sizable portion of Heathens have issues with other “isms”: ableism, homophobia, transphobia. These people are not card-carrying neonazis. They’re running respectable Heathen websites. For some examples, check out my posts “Stay Classy, Asatru Lore” and “Moderates” among others. I have seen too many people on Tumblr say that they are interested in Heathenry, but are absolutely not okay with the kind of dickishness that gets passed off as “being blunt” like it does in some Heathen circles. If you’ve read the posts above and you don’t think this is an issue, it might be a sign that you’re a part of the problem.

These people find acceptance on Tumblr when they wouldn’t find it anywhere else.

Tumblr may not be perfect. Tumblr may earn its reputation on occasion. Tumblr may be a source of drama, but Tumblr will not tolerate your hate. (In fact, there’s a rule about tagging your hate.) It’s not perfect, there’s the odd person who thinks the Wiccan Rede applies to everyone, and some portions of the community are more vitriolic than others, but overall, compared to some of the Facebook groups I’ve been in, Tumblr is not interested in your shit.

3 thoughts on “Where We Find Acceptance

  1. Yeah, I noticed that a good bit on Tumblr, both the good and the bad of it. Personally my main problem with Tumblr is that it’s not the most accessible with a screen reader for the visually impaired like myself, but I’m slowly figuring my way around that issue. Do you have a link to your Tumblr blog?

  2. Tumblr reminds me a lot of Livejournal only involving shorter attentions spans. That said while there is some shallow stuff, both spiritually and politically, there is also a lot of diversity- for example if I want to read about transgender folks, asexuals, Pagans of color etc. there are many of those folks on Tumblr. Personally I don’t have a problem with either followers of non-traditional spirits/deities/magical practices (I dislike the term Pop Culture Pagan, but that would fit under that general category) I think it’s best people put critical thought and sincere intent into what they do spiritually, *and behave decently* and I see PC Pagans and Jewish/Christian Witches/Pagans who do that, and more “traditional” Pagans/Heathens etc. who don’t. As a Celtic Pagan/Druid, I see Christianity and Polytheism as being part of a continuum in Celtic cultures (after all I’m going to a Lutheran Celtic-themed service tonight…) it’s rather artificial to divide up the two, and its much the same in many other traditions like Voudun or Stregheria. I’m also a Unitarian, and mentioning that will also send any Heathens I don’t care to hang with running away screaming..oh well makes a good screening device!

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