On the Recent Vanatru Drama

If you follow me on tumblr or if you make the rounds of Pagan blogs on WordPress, you’ll know about the recent drama that’s touched the Vanatru community recently. For those of you who haven’t heard anything, tumblr user Da’at Ass has recently alleged that Sebastian Lokason (who you might know as Nornoriel, author of Visions of Vanaheim) abused him and those closest to him, and has been doing the same to others for about a decade.

As Lokason is such a prolific writer and prominent voice for Vanatru, these allegations concerned me. Full disclosure: Da’at actually contacted me about a week before the post went live. Prior to that, I’d heard mutterings, which, although they were a cause for concern, I put them in the back of my mind because I figured it was a private matter and didn’t want to bring it up until the parties involved were ready to talk about it. Shortly before Lokason left tumblr, I was beginning to distance myself from him, not just because of the allegations, but because I didn’t see my Vanatru going in the same direction that his was going.

I would encourage you to please read the links above as well as Lokason’s response to the post that started it all. Please also read this post where he talks about his UPG. i am not going to link to the post where he leaks chat logs of private conversations between himself and Tif and Da’at, but you can read those too if you like.

I have been asked where I stand on this issue and which side I am on. My answer is that I am on my own side, but here is a more complex answer. I am willing to admit:

  1. That I do not know all the facts
  2. That I was not there
  3. That I cannot verify any claims that were made about astral entities, or indeed, instances of mundane abuse
  4. That perhaps there were times that both sides were assholes, because everyone is an asshole at some point

However, I have tried to read as much as I can about this whole kerfluffle, and have come to the conclusion that I can’t really support someone who has threatened to dox folks in exchange for silence, hasn’t been up front with regards to claiming to be the Queen of Vanaheim (which in my view may represent a conflict of interest), and apparently, judging by the list of people who have come forward, has a history of repeating the same patterns with others. This isn’t about being queer, or being trans, or even having “weird” UPG or being a godspouse, this is about abuse and the shitty behaviour that followed the original post on the subject.

I want to stress, again, that these are allegations. The only people who really know what happened are the people involved in the incidents. I would encourage everyone to read as much as they can and make their own decisions.

I wasn’t originally going to post here because I’m sure most of you have already heard about it, and to be honest, I’m already sick of it and ready to move on. This is not what I want people to think of when they talk about Vanatru. This is not what I think Vanatru is about. This is not what my deities are about.

I’m expecting to probably get some hate for this as I know I’ve been named as an “instigator”. I would like to say, for the record, that I try not to be transphobic, and have not once (that I recall) referred to Lokason with the wrong pronouns (although I was still calling him “Nono” until recently). I am also queer and pro-godspouse. In fact, one of my first posts on this blog was a repost of a member of the Cauldron’s advice to someone who wanted to be a godpouse of Loki’s and was jealous of someone else’s experiences. I have never been against godspouses, or spirit-spouses, and I’ve regularly stood up for people who were being bashed for having “odd” beliefs. (Although I will admit that in my early days of being on tumblr and this blog that I said some unkind things about otherkin.) I’ve also read the debunkings and various “testamonials” from friends and followers of his on WordPress, and I’ve found them to be unconvincing. Once again, however, I would encourage everyone (especially my fellow Vanatruar) to read everything on the subject and decide where your support belongs.

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