Spotlight: My Lady from Michaela Laws

This isn’t a review per se as the game itself is very short, but Michaela Laws (who is behind the free otome game Seduce Me the Otome) has a new game out called My Lady, about a young woman who is in love with her butler.


You can buy it now for a dollar if it’s your thing and support more great games from this woman. For a buck it will keep you entertained for at least an hour and there are five endings. My only criticism is I wish it was longer, but honestly I’ve paid more money for an hour’s worth of entertainment so it definitely wasn’t a waste.

Also there are chess motifs. Who doesn’t like chess motifs? I don’t actually know how to play chess I just like chess motifs.

TBH, lately I’ve been playing Amnesia (the otome game, not the horror game) and it’s nice to play a game that has a sweet romance and isn’t stuffed with jerkasses.

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