My Own Version of a “Sponge Cake” Offering

Remember awhile back on tumblr how some people were going ballistic because someone decided to give Loki some sponge cake with whipped cream and strawberries?

Here is what I’m offering Freyja:

1 strawberry that isn’t rotten (the rest of the strawberries are in various states of decay)

1 slice of whole wheat bread with Nutella

1 cinnamon bun I bought at Walmart

1 serving of unpasteurized cinnamon honey

1 Gerbera daisy (“Midi Dark Fireball”) I was wearing in my hair in place of a May crown–er, April crown.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures since my parents took the camera today, but all of it’s been arranged very prettily on one of my mom’s “playing card” plates (the diamond one, because I couldn’t find the one with the suit of hearts).

Anyone who has an issue with this offering who isn’t Freyja can go fuck themselves, seriously.

Happy (early) May Day! (Or whichever festival you celebrate, if any).

Sponge Cake and Other Offerings

Apparently there’s a bit of a controversy brewing on Lokean tumblrs, and by controversy I mean “opportunity for lolz”. I wasn’t familiar with this controversy, not being on tumblr (I’ve heard stories about tumblr secretly being a portal to Hell) so I decided to use Google-fu to figure out what all the fuss is about.

I found this thread on tumblr, have a read through it, laugh, and come back.

Putting the “appropriate offering” stuff aside for a moment, I had to laugh at the respondent’s position that “If you are not reconstructing an ancient worldview than all you are doing is reenacting (or not heathenry).” So is this person going to then go to Iceland, home of the ásatrúarfélagið, home of the eddas themselves, and tell those people (some of whom are not recon the way we North Americans view recon) and tell them they’re doin’ it wrong? Really? I also love the patronizing way they lecture this person on the meaning of “worship”. Yeah, patronizing people always makes them come around to your way of thinking.

But now we come to the crux of the matter: is sponge cake an appropriate offering for a deity?

Let me tell you what happens on my birthday every year. Every year, I decide to invite a bunch of people over to partake of (Westernized) Chinese food. Sometimes we go see a movie, but honestly, I’m happy with just the food. What do you imagine we have for cake? Do I demand a three-tier chocolate topped with candied flowers and chocolate almonds?

This is the cake I have every year:


This is a McCain Deep ‘n’ Delicious cake. It costs around $1.50 at the grocery store. I love this cake. It’s the best cake in the universe. It’s sweet without being too sweet and chocolately and I want a piece right now….

Why wouldn’t deities be the same way?

Here’s another example: If I invite a friend over, and I know that friend loves grilled cheese sandwiches, why wouldn’t I try to serve them something they liked? If we honour our deities and friends, even, as family (as many Heathens are fond of saying) why wouldn’t we give them stuff they wanted? Because it’s not “traditional”? Because you obviously don’t care about them enough to give them expensive stuff? This kind of thinking is just bullshit! How does it send the message that you don’t care for someone if you cook things that they like? Seriously, that’s like “Comfort Food 101”, and really, if a deity asks, are you going to argue? You do realize you’re arguing with a deity, right? You know, the beings that do unimportant things like running the fucking universe!

Not to long ago, I felt compelled to make an offering to Mani (despite what a certain person told me about Mani not being a god–I’m Lokabrenna in that thread), so I searched in my cupboards for something to give him….

….and I found some marshmallows.

“Huh,” I said. “Well, they’re round and white and suitably moon-like, and they remind me of campfires at night, so okay.” I figured I would write him a poem too. I have no idea if he liked these things, but I know the feeling, the compulsion, went away after that.

But, seriously, fucking marshmallows….

I mean, what are marshmallows made of, anyways? Certainly nothing the people who originally honored Mani would recognize, and yet, if he liked the marshmallows, am I going to argue with him? No, I know where the root of the word “lunacy” comes from, thank you very much.