The Master List of Suggested Offerings for the Vanir

I get a lot of questions involving what to offer to the Vanir, so I’ve decided to compile a master list of suggested offerings. The following list has been cobbled together from many different sources, including the UPG of those who honour these deities. Please use discretion when making use of this list, and remember that relationships with deities are highly personal, so it’s quite possible that a deity might not want any of the things listed in their section when you start working with them.


  • seafood, particularly if you’ve caught it yourself
  • grog (water and rum), or rum, associated with sailors
  • lemonade
  • ships in a bottle
  • paper boats


  • strawberries
  • raspberries
  • chocolate
  • things made of gold
  • amber
  • roses
  • cinnamon (I’ve had success with cinnamon buns)
  • sweet, “feminine” scents like vanilla and jasmine
  • sexual fluids
  • hemp
  • rye (Swedish folklore says that Freyja watches for when the rye is ripe)
  • flax
  • pork
  • sweet liquers
  • dessert wines
  • caramel


  • honey
  • grains (esp. wheat, but substitute your main cereal crop)
  • gold
  • sexual fluids
  • penis-shaped things
  • antlers (note: check and make sure that it’s legal in your area, dealing with animal parts can get dicey in some areas)
  • note: opinions on whether weapons should be allowed near Freyr’s altar are mixed, from what I’ve seen, the majority are not in favour of placing weapons on his altar unless they are a) broken, or b) peace-bound, please use discretion


  • root vegetables
  • pork
  • grains
  • corn dollies (you can offer them by “drowning” them in a bathtub)
  • bogberries (blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, bilberries, huckleberries and lingonberries)
  • peat moss
  • bog myrtle
  • birch beer (and other birch products)


  • herbs
  • herbal teas
  • root vegetables


  • representations of wolves
  • rabbit meat
  • vodka
  • frozen drinks
  • pelts (especially from animals you’ve hunted)
  • ice and/or snow (may seem a bit redundant, but apparently it’s been well-received)
  • venison

3 thoughts on “The Master List of Suggested Offerings for the Vanir

  1. * Hnoss and Gersemi seem to like shiny “treasures” of the kind one might give to a child (not a baby!) to delight them. Pewter figurines and costume jewelry have gone over very well, especially if painted, enameled, or bejeweled. They needn’t be very expensive, but I avoid plastic.

    * Heide has liked whisky and very dark beers. I have a small cauldron for Her, and use it with Her guidance for ritual work. Herbs are also suitable, especially the kind used in folk magic (whereas I’d give Gerd the herbs used in healthful cooking, although there’s obvious overlap).

    * Gullveig seems really love ginger beer mixed with Goldschlager, and things that are both golden and firey (so my necklaces for Her have had glass beads with firey colors and gold foil embedded in them, for example).

    I’ve given the lot of them a set of hand-made candles of matching designs each in Their colors, and a set of precious metal dipped leaves.


  2. When I still lived on my own, I had three “musts” for sacrificial feasts to Freyr: pork (organic if I could get it), beer-bread (the easiest way to get barley in the dough), and sparkling cider. (I still go out of my way to buy one Swedish brand of cider for rituals, because the lore mentions Freyr’s cult dominating in Sweden.)

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